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Telecoms - Phone Calls (Java, JS, Python): a database of customers of a fictional telecom company and calls they make.

Gaming - XCOM 2 (Java): a database of interdependent research tasks in the game XCOM 2, featuring automatic inference of available research based on completed tasks and available items.

Biology - Catalogue of Life (Java): a database containing the information about the taxonomy of life on Earth, showcasing automated loading of data using TypeDB-Loader.

Software Dev - GitHub (Kotlin): Load data from a live repository on GitHub or from a Vaticle GitHub snapshot, and get results via a custom GUI interface that uses the Java client to fetch the requested data.

A hands-on walkthrough

To get a better idea of how you can use TypeDB, we’ll take a closer look at the phone_calls example. The database we’ll be working on in this series contains a dataset of people who call each other. Those who have a contract with the company also have their name, age, and the city they reside in recorded within the database.

In the following three sections, we together:

  1. Define the schema for our phone_calls database
  2. Migrate csv, json or xml data to the database using clients Java, Node.js and Python
  3. Query the database